Translating a Digital Marketing Campaign for a Global Audience

Translating a Digital Marketing Campaign for a Global Audience

Digital marketing is now essential to brand growth. Taking the time to develop intentional, well-translated content for each intended location is essential for any modern brand looking to go global. 

To successfully execute translated marketing campaigns in other global markets, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t just cut and paste your campaign content and expect it to be effective.

What is so special about translating for marketing?

Marketing texts have a range of objectives and are some of the trickiest types of translation as they require a deep cultural understanding. Are some commonly used idioms in one language lost in translation in another? Are some topics off-limits, and need to be handled differently? Can a literal translation get the humor, intent, and brand voice across the same was as in the native language?

A correctly translated marketing campaign can mean the difference between generating customers and offending an entire region of buyers. 

Whether you’re introducing your brand to a new region, selling a service, or fostering engagement, there are a handful of necessary tactics to focus on for a successful launch outside of your original region.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Finding a translation expert who speaks the intended language is often not enough when developing marketing text. There are a number of variables to consider when bringing your brand to a new location. What apps and websites are used in that area? Is Google the main search engine? Where does an average person in that area consume media?

Additionally, a phrase or tagline that converts in your original country may not make sense in your new region. This is especially the case with alliteration, rhyming, or culturally-specific phrases. A native, in-country translator can help to make sure your translated marketing campaign maintains your brand message and doesn’t waste resources on the wrong kinds of campaigns.

Consistency in Translated Marketing Campaigns is Key

Just because your international translations are adjusted for their respective audiences doesn’t mean you should adopt a new brand voice for each region. As with representing your brand in your native language, consistency is key. Working with a translation service provider means you have a partner to ensure your message is consistent, no matter the location. 

Translation Matters

According to research by Common Sense Advisory, 75% of customers prefer to shop in their native language. Using a trusted in-country translator means your customers will feel confident about what they’re purchasing and that your brand message resonates the right way.

Consumers across the globe shop differently, especially when it comes to online behavior. At TB Translations, we can help you feel confident that your next translated marketing campaign or localization project will connect and resonate with the right customers, time after time.