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Choosing the right word can mean the difference between speaking precisely to your intended audience or offending them. TBT offers services in more than 200 languages performed by in-country, native-speaking linguists and experts in the subject matter in which they are translating.
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For projects that require a more nuanced approach, TBT offers translation services. Combining your effective copy with our translation services, we are able to maintain or recreate the tone and emotions of your message that best suits your audience.

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Be confident that your tongue-in-cheek jokes, cultural references, or unique phrasing isn’t lost on or misinterpreted by your new audience. TBT will ensure your transcreated copy is as compelling as the original.

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Multilingual Design / Layout


Desktop Publishing​ refers to the redesign of documents including formatting, typesetting, and graphic designing of images, tables, graphs, and textboxes. TBT’s Desktop Publishing Team will help localize your files so that your target market consumes your information with the same experience, style, and tone as your source files.

Our Desktop Publishing Team has worked in dozens of software programs in more than 200 languages. Whether you need a simple ​Adobe Illustrator​ file translated or a complex eLearning program deconstructed and rebuilt, our team is capable and willing to help.


Our goal is to create materials that accurately reflect your original while ensuring they conform to the linguistic and typographic standards of each target country.

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Voice Over

TBT has partnered with professional voiceover studios to offer audio services in over 200 languages. Our voiceover talents are native speakers who ensure the proper inflection, accents, and intonation is used to convey the meaning behind your message.

Our clients have complete access to our talent roster and the ability to choose the talent they would like to utilize on each and every project. We recommend this for Commercials, training videos, eLearning, films, video games

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TBT offers proofreading performed by in-country, native speaking proofreaders, ensuring your translated content is grammatically correct, consistent, and ​localized​ for your target market.

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TBT offers five different interpretation services in more than 200 languages including American Sign Language.

Over-the-phone Interpretation (OPI)

Consists of a three-way call in which the interpreter translates the source language to the target language and back again. Secured, confidential, HiPPA compliant, available 24/7 and on mobile. Great for conference calls, call centers, schools, medical centers.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

On-demand service that utilizes an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer to communicate face-to-face with an offsite interpreter. Cost efficient alternative to in-person ASL interpreting. Great for meetings, doctor appointments, and schools. Secured, confidential, mobile, HIPPA compliant, and available 24/7.

Consecutive Interpretation

In-person service where an interpreter verbally translates between a limited English proficiency individual and an English speaking individual. Great for interviews, parent-teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments, HR meetings, and legal hearings/courts.

Simultaneous Interpretation

In-person service where an on-site linguist will interpret in real-time. This is best suited for large-scale events such as seminars, conferences, company meetings, and government engagements. Involves equipment: booth, headsets, AV Tech, Mixer.

American Sign Language Interpretation

We provide on-site and Video-Remote ASL services to hospitals, schools and businesses nationwide. Our interpreters are screened and vetted to ensure we provide exceptional service to the Deaf consumer and are knowledgeable with your content. Over the past year, we provided over 50,000 hours of ASL interpreting services to our clients.

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TBT’s Desktop Publishing Team has the experience and capabilities to implement subtitles into almost any video format. From transcription to translation, to SRT creation to implementation, TBT can handle all phases of the subtitling process. Subtitling is also a great alternative to dubbing: it is less costly/time consuming, and looks more natural than dubbed video.

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TBT transcriptionists will transcribe any audio format, live or recorded, to meet our clients’ needs. Because humans are doing the transcribing, you can be confident your finished product will be accurate and support your business efforts. Our services include time stamping, Verbatim. A great option for court reporting, meeting minutes, subtitling, voice over.

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Performing a localized translation includes the complex nuances of language, dialects, and cultural expectations of target markets. Our in-country linguists are prepared to not only translate, but to perform evaluations of your content beyond literal translation. Best for websites, product information, and brand/marketing communications

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